The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, held a meeting with the delegation of scholars of OIC, Organization of Islamic Cooperations.

Along with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Deputy Minister of Martyrs and Disabled Affairs, the Deputy Director of OIC, Dr. Tariq Bakhit, Director General of the International Academy of Islamic Jurisprudence, Dr. Qutb Sanu and a number of scholars of Saudi Arabia , Turkey, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Jordan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Chad, and Guinea, including the ambassadors and representatives of other countries participated in the meeting.

At outset, welcoming the guests and expressing happiness, FM Muttaqi articulated detailed information regarding the current situation of the country and the positive developments & progress IEA made in the last two years.

During his speech, FM Muttaqi said that the people of Afghanistan has stood by IEA, and urged the OIC and Islamic countries present the real image of the existing situation and ground reality of Afghanistan to their authorities.

Adding, The time has come for the international community and in particular the Islamic countries to take maximum advantage of the opportunities in Afghanistan, and to invest in economic projects in various fields considering the bilateral interests.

The scholars of OIC expressed happiness upon coming to Afghanistan and expressed gratitude to the Islamic Emirate for its warm welcome and hospitality.

Appreciating the current government of the Islamic system, having established after the struggle of 20 years, they descended the current situation against the false rumors published on media.

The delegation acknowledged the effective initiatives taken by IEA in the past two years in eradicating corruption and countering drugs, rehabilitating drug addicts and ensuring security and stability in the country, calling it a great blessing and mercy of Alllah SAW upon Afghans.

Also, the delegation expressed happiness that the Afghan government has religious scholars who are the heirs of the prophets having been appointed as advisers in government affairs. They promised that as ambassadors of the Afghan people and government, they will convey the real situation of Afghanistan to their governments, people and the international community.

To end, In turn, Deputy Foreign Minister Affairs, Al-Haj Sher Muhammad Abbas Stanekzai, the Central Darul Uloom Professor Sheikh Al-Hadith Mawlwi Muhammad Ismail, the Deputy of the Ministry of Martyrs and Disabled, Sheikh Abdul Hakim, the Governor of Herat, Sheikh Noor Ahmad Islam Jar, the member of the Council of Ulama of Kabul. Sheikh Abdul Hamid Hamasi, gave comprehensive speeches, expressed hopes for strengthening bilateral relations and bilateral cooperation with the Islamic countries.